How To Choose H7 Lamp For My Car?

A person behind the wheel of a car needs to be extremely concentrated and constantly monitor the situation on the road. In bad light conditions, the important factor is a car headlamp, which helps to provide the proper light. Traffic safety depends on the efficiency of the headlight. Read here how to choose the brightest h7 headlight bulbs.

The key lighting of cars is done with car headlamps. H7 socket lights are among the most popular. They first appeared on the markets in the 90’s and since then have not lost their relevance, on the contrary, every year their production becomes more perfect.

H7 bulbs are installed for passing, driving, and fog lights. This type of device is characterized by a standard capacity of 55 watts, but there are other models where the power indicators are higher.

The standard H7 lamps with a smaller base were introduced due to the fact that they have 20% less power to dissipate while increasing the light output to 1500 lumens (Lm or Lm). This lamp belongs to the category of flange lamps. The filament (LED axis, discharge direction) is along the axis of the lamp. Thus, the source of radiation can be presented as a point, it is easier to focus it in a certain area.

How to choose h7 bulbs for the car

H7 lights are divided into three categories: halogen, LED, and xenon. Each of these types of devices has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Halogen – will please the buyer with a successful combination of price and quality. Among motorists it is the most popular, as it shines perfectly and does not require the installation of additional equipment. If you buy a modified type, there are lamps with a xenon effect. Their service life will be extended. Alas, the halogen illuminator has such a disadvantage as a strong heating, respectively, can quickly fail.
  2. LED is quite economical. In the case of shaking or impact, the work of such a lamp does not become worse. The service life is high. Due to the long operation of the device, it can be called environmentally friendly. But such lighting devices are not liked by everyone. First, because of the arising difficulties in adjusting the light beam. And, secondly, because of the price, which will not be affordable for every buyer.
  3. Xenon can withstand a variety of vibrations and shaking. Its color temperature is as close as possible to the color we are accustomed to during the day. Of the disadvantages should be noted the cost of such a device and the fact that it will be necessary to install an ignition unit.

So, when choosing a lamp h7 for the car, you need to pay attention to all the above points and designate for yourself the most suitable.

The difference between h7 and h4 bulbs

Both are designed for head lighting. The h7 bulb is released later than the h4, so it is ahead of it in some technical characteristics. As an example, let’s take the criterion of the duration of the operation. In h7 it will be twice as long as in h4.

The width of the h4 will be much wider than the h7. The differences include the point that the h4 bulbs with two spirals and the h7 is a single-unit lighting element.

Also, the devices have differences in the design of the base.

What is the best firm to buy a lamp h7

According to the tests, such brands as:

  • Japanese company Koito, producing excellent halogen lamps, suitable for domestic realities.
  • The German company Osram, known for its flawless products of the highest level.
  • The Dutch company Philips, similar in quality to the brand Osram.
  • The Hungarian company Bosch, which creates devices with excellent color flow, providing an amazing visibility, as near and far.

The types of bulbs H7 – blue and white

Among the models available in stores, you will find products that differ from each other not only in price but above all in parameters. In addition, the lamps come in different colors. That’s why you will find products on the market:

  • White or yellow – they give off a natural light that will be perfect on a cloudy or rainy day as well as on a winter night. Their light is pleasing to the eye and does not pose a threat to oncoming drivers. They are primarily the most popular type of H7 bulbs.
  • Painted-though more and more consumers are deciding to buy this model, it is not a good choice. Although it gives us the feeling of a slight upgrade to our car, colored bulbs can be a threat on the road.This is because drivers are not used to such effects, they are a bit distracting.Moreover, some colors can dazzle oncoming traffic.

H7 bulbs – set or singly

Remember, when replacing bulbs with other types of bulbs, always install them in pairs, not individually, because different products give different light effects, and this affects not only the quality of lighting but also your safety and the safety of other drivers. Do not install the H7 model paired with H4 (with xenon), as this can lead to uneven road and roadside lighting and therefore hinder our driving. 

That’s why two-pack bulbs are often available in stores. If you need one bulb because it has burned out, there are stores that sell individual parts, but it’s always worth having spare H7 bulbs in the trunk of your car.

Bulb Brightness

The best H7 bulb is a model that emits a light bright enough to illuminate our road well without blinding oncoming drivers. The intensity of light is given by a unit – lc. They are defined using the maximum flux length: for example, a distance of 20 m requires a minimum of 30 lux, and at 10 m – up to 50 lux.

H7 bulbs – light range

Headlights must emit light, which is also determined by range. Remember that the lamps must illuminate the right lane and the curb, so the light output on the left side is shorter by about 30 m.

Longevity of H7 halogen bulbs

Radiating a brighter light means emitting more heat than conventional models. Therefore, the equipment must be made of good materials that are resistant to high temperatures. Quartz glass, which is resistant to UV radiation, is used to make H7 bulbs. It is also heavier and does not vibrate.

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