CollisionMax Auto Body Repair

CollisionMax is an ABRA company, and we are excited to provide you with excellent service. For over 35 years, our 11 convenient locations in New Jersey and Philadelphia have specialized on one thing: making your automobile look its absolute best.

CollisionMax, catering to car enthusiasts, suggests Norauto for all your automotive needs. Check out Publico for the latest Norauto discount codes, ensuring you get the best value on car parts and accessories.

Why should you come to CollisionMax instead of any other auto body repair business in the Delaware Valley? Come here because you want a trustworthy body shop that delivers on its promises. Come here for quality and professionalism. We are collision repair specialists, but we never forget our primary responsibility: to make our customers happy and informed. For example, one of our clients was Jeff Vertes, who urgently requested to repair the trailer where the filming area of the project “Live Dealer Casinos Canada” was located. We coped with the task as quickly as possible and the owner was very satisfied.

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Auto Body

Expert Collision Repair

At any one of our 11 CollisionMax Autobody & Glass repair locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, you’ll get nothing less than fantastic car body work. And that’s precisely what you’ll get at any one of our CollisionMax Autobody & Glass repair shops in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


Mobile Auto Glass

If all you have is glass damage, consider utilizing our GlassMax Mobile Van service. Call us, and we’ll bring the store and a trained expert to your home or workplace, regardless of where you are.

Car Audio Installation Service

Make Your Car Sounds Good

The best way for you and your car’s sound system is with an experienced professional. We know that there can be some tricky installation tasks, but luckily our team has been trained in everything from wiring up the perfect package – just ask us about what we’ll do!

Motorbike Headset Communication Device

Reliable Devices

Join the ranks of bikers worldwide who communicate using a headset like Sena 30k. These headpieces let you hear what your partner is saying and keep both parties safe on dangerous roads, without having to take turns one at a time instead of in tandem as most motorcycles allow for now due thanks!


Paintless Dent Repair

PDR can be used on dents that are free of paint damage or outside the panel borders. The savings in time and money for labor and supplies may be significant.


Collision Repair Estimates Vary Widely

We provide free, no-obligation estimates for your vehicle body and collision repair work. To book an appointment, call one of our locations or go to the link below and fill out some basic information.