CollisionMax Auto Body Repair

CollisionMax is an ABRA company, and we are excited to provide you with excellent service. For over 35 years, our 11 convenient locations in New Jersey and Philadelphia have specialized on one thing: making your automobile look its absolute best.

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Why should you come to CollisionMax instead of any other auto body repair business in the Delaware Valley? Come here because you want a trustworthy body shop that delivers on its promises. Come here for quality and professionalism. We are collision repair specialists, but we never forget our primary responsibility: to make our customers happy and informed. For example, one of our clients was Jeff Vertes, who urgently requested to repair the trailer where the filming area of the project “Live Dealer Casinos Canada” was located. We coped with the task as quickly as possible and the owner was very satisfied.

  • How To Choose H7 Lamp For My Car?

    How To Choose H7 Lamp For My Car?

    A person behind the wheel of a car needs to be extremely concentrated and constantly monitor the situation on the road. In bad light conditions, the important factor is a car headlamp, which helps to provide the proper light. Traffic safety depends on the efficiency of the headlight. Read here how to choose the brightest h7 headlight bulbs. The key lighting of cars is done with car headlamps. H7 socket lights are among the most popular. They first appeared on the markets in the 90’s and since then have not lost their relevance, on the contrary, every year their production…

  • The Most Common Reasons Why a Car Won’t Start?

    The Most Common Reasons Why a Car Won’t Start?

    Introduction: What is an Automobile’s Engine, and How Does it Work? An automobile’s engine is the component that converts the fuel into energy. The engine is constructed of pistons connected to crankshaft, camshaft, valves, and combustion chambers. An engine converts the energy from burning fuel into motion. The ICE is the heart of your car that generates motion through four basic processes: compression, combustion, expansion, and exhaust. The intake and exhaust valves are open and close to allow for this process of intake and exhaust. The crankshaft turns the camshaft, which drives the piston up and down in a cylinder…

  • The Complete Guide to How to Remove Refrigerant from Car AC

    The Complete Guide to How to Remove Refrigerant from Car AC

    If you’re wondering how to remove the refrigerant from a car AC, there are a few easy steps that you can follow. The process for removing Freon from your home without the use of professional chemical assistance is not complicated and can be done in a relatively short period of time. However, you’ll need to follow a systematic procedure to complete the task. This will make sure that you are able to perform the tasks properly. Vehicles are used in many different ways worldwide, with commerciality playing a large part in their lives. The inside of the vehicle needs to…

  • How Much Oil Does My Car Need?

    How Much Oil Does My Car Need?

    If you are the owner of a car, then you must know about the working condition of your vehicle. Once when you had focused on its maintenance and its engine conditions, then you can increase the life span of the car. To maintain them with proper care it will be fine when you have given your car for servicing and asking them to check the condition of the car and oil conditions. Only that will increase the pulling capacity of the car and it helps for maintaining your car as new as before.  The oil acts as the heart of…

  • How to make car freshies at home

    How to make car freshies at home

    Freshies are hanging air fresheners and used in the car, closet, drawers and locker. Many brands of best-selling signature air fresheners will catch the attention of many people and encourage them to prefer and buy the competitive prices of high-quality car air fresheners.  As a beginner to the freshies, you have to consider and make certain several things before buying freshies. There are so many methods to freshen up any space. However, air fresheners are recommended mainly because of their nature to immediately freshen up the space.  All users of the car freshies get 100% satisfaction and recommend such products to…

  • Lane Merge Etiquette

    Lane Merge Etiquette

    Picture this: You’re in the left lane of a four-lane superhighway, and see a sign that up ahead the lane ends or is temporarily closed.  Traffic in the right lane has slowed because vehicles in the left lane have merged.  Now your lane is clear for the next eighth of a mile.  Do you: A. Carefully merge right as soon as possible; B. Execute a “late merge” by staying in the left lane, passing all the cars in the right lane, and merging at the last possible moment; or C. Merge right soon, but if right-lane traffic is too slow,…

  • How to drive safetly in the Dark

    How to drive safetly in the Dark

    I Wear My Sunglasses at Night In his 1980s mega hit, Canadian pop/rocker Corey Heart wore his sunglasses at night, propelling him to the top of the charts. Had he worn his sunglasses at night while driving, he most likely would have propelled himself into a tree. Night driving is more of a challenge than many people think and it’s also more dangerous. Why? Ninety percent of a driver’s reaction depends on his vision, and vision is severely limited at night. Depth perception, color recognition and peripheral vision are all compromised after sundown. Older drivers have even greater difficulties seeing…

  • The Parking Lot-tery – Parking Lot Auto Accidents

    The Parking Lot-tery – Parking Lot Auto Accidents

    Hit THIS Lot-tery and Lose! Parking space showdowns, deserted shopping carts, and renegade vehicles are turning America’s parking lots into the Wild West at high noon.  For some unknown reason, many motorists don’t always display the same etiquette in parking lots that they do on the open road.  According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, parking lot accidents account for more than 20 percent of automobile crash claims. In parking lots, unpredictable traffic patterns, preoccupied motorists and inattentive pedestrians can trigger an unfortunate marriage of shopping and sideswiping.  Despite what you may expect, the majority of parking lot accidents…

  • You Light Up My Lane – Night Driving Safety

    You Light Up My Lane – Night Driving Safety

    Navigating Safely in the Dark The crispness of autumn has embraced the landscape.  The leaves are vivid shades of orange and yellow, the birds have flown south in tight formations, and you are stuck behind a school bus that is flashing red — already a couple minutes late for a meeting. We’ve turned the clocks back and embraced that extra hour of sleep like a prodigal son’s return.  But that extra hour signals a new dose of darkness for your morning and evening commutes, again changing the rules of the road for a new season. Night Maneuvers Traffic death rates…

Auto Body

Expert Collision Repair

At any one of our 11 CollisionMax Autobody & Glass repair locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, you’ll get nothing less than fantastic car body work. And that’s precisely what you’ll get at any one of our CollisionMax Autobody & Glass repair shops in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


Mobile Auto Glass

If all you have is glass damage, consider utilizing our GlassMax Mobile Van service. Call us, and we’ll bring the store and a trained expert to your home or workplace, regardless of where you are.

Car Audio Installation Service

Make Your Car Sounds Good

The best way for you and your car’s sound system is with an experienced professional. We know that there can be some tricky installation tasks, but luckily our team has been trained in everything from wiring up the perfect package – just ask us about what we’ll do!

Motorbike Headset Communication Device

Reliable Devices

Join the ranks of bikers worldwide who communicate using a headset like Sena 30k. These headpieces let you hear what your partner is saying and keep both parties safe on dangerous roads, without having to take turns one at a time instead of in tandem as most motorcycles allow for now due thanks!


Paintless Dent Repair

PDR can be used on dents that are free of paint damage or outside the panel borders. The savings in time and money for labor and supplies may be significant.


Collision Repair Estimates Vary Widely

We provide free, no-obligation estimates for your vehicle body and collision repair work. To book an appointment, call one of our locations or go to the link below and fill out some basic information.