car hot

Most people think winter is the hardest season for their cars, but summer’s blazing heat can be just as tough. Heat-induced car breakdowns aren’t just nuisances; they can put you and your car in harm’s way. Here are some tips to assure you’re comfy, safe and on time to your next appointment.

Air Conditioner
Pardon us if we think of comfort first, but there’s nothing worse than being stuck in traffic with no A/C. However, many would agree that a comfortable driver is less irritable and consequently a safer driver. Test your air conditioning while parked. If it takes longer than it should to get cool, or doesn’t get really cold on its maximum setting, it may be time to get the system serviced. If the air comes out smelling bad, the drain may be clogged.

Engine Cooling System
Most summer breakdowns happen because of engine overheating. Make sure your radiator is topped off with the prescribed mix of water and anti-freeze. If you suspect the level is lower than it should be, have your system checked for leaks.

Other Fluids
Dry air can contribute to evaporation of other key safety fluids. Be sure your brake, transmission and battery fluids are up to prescribed levels.

Check your tires for excessive or uneven tread wear and air pressure at least once a month, preferably in the morning when it’s cooler. flat tires are not only a nusinsance, but they can cause costly automobile damage if you drive on a flat for too long.