What you should carry in case of an emergency

After you finish winterizing your car, it’s a good idea to go through the collectibles in your trunk.  It’s time to remove the fishing gear and beach chairs and make room for the essentials in case you get stuck or break down while driving in the snow.

Pack an emergency kit for winter roads in Riverton NJ to prevent a collision on slippery roads

For those of us with rear-wheel drive vehicles, pickup trucks or station wagons, it’s a good idea to throw a couple bags of sand in the back.  Fifty pound bags of sand can be purchased at most home centers.  Not only will the extra weight in the car improve traction, you can also use the sand under your tires in case you get stuck in snow or ice.  Two 50 pound bags should be enough to get you through the season. Another good thing to have (as many of us have learned the hard way) is a decent set of jumper cables.  Cold weather can bring out the worst in a temperamental battery, and your own set of cables will increase the chances of getting a jump from a Good Samaritan.

Since many parts of the country get snow in the winter, a shovel could come in mighty handy.  A regular-size snow shovel is the ideal choice, but a smaller folding one will do if you do not have the room to spare.Some other handy things the savvy driver might carry would be a three-pack of flares, some gas line anti-freeze/drier, an insulated pair of work gloves, a flashlight with spare batteries and a couple of extra gallons of washer fluid.

And then there are the worst case scenario items:  a couple of heavy blankets, hats, gloves and those hand warmers hunters use.  If the worst should happen and your car is completely dead, these items will help you keep warm until help arrives.  Good luck and good driving.

Trunk Junk Checklist

•Two 50-pound bags of sand

•Jumper cables, with instructions

•Snow shovel


•Gas line anti-freeze/drier

•Insulated pair of work gloves

•Flashlight with spare batteries

•Extra washer fluid

•Heavy blankets, hats, gloves and hand warmers