The Minerva Project

As the story has been told many a time, Pierre Robert’s original 1970 VW Micro-bus named “Minerva” began her jouney in San Francisco in 1981. Not long after, she was impounded and then crushed by The Philadelphia Parking Authority (they had their reasons). In 2001, WMMR threw a party for Pierre at The Philadelphia Spectrum to celebrate his 20th anniversary; their gift to him was a 1972 VW Westfalia Micro-bus that was affectionately named “Minerva 2″.

From Minerva 2′s beginnings, she had engine trouble and was never quite in the best shape. For years now she’s been rotting in the back lot of 93.3 WMMR’s studio in Bala Cynwyd, PA. Preston & Steve have proposed blowing Minerva 2 into pieces, which would have made for a great stunt, but Pierre would have been heartbroken. Without lots of time, effort and money, Minerva 2 was destined for a similar fate as her older counterpart. That was… until CollisionMax bravely stepped up and accepted the challenge of restoring Minerva 2 to her former glory. The restoration has been dubbed “The Minerva Project“.

WMMR Group Shot

The Minerva Project Episode 17

Franny Drummond from PaintZoo airbrushes a cartoon moon and a 93.3 WMMR logo on the side of Pierre Robert’s 1972 Volkswagen microbus Minerva.

The Minerva Project Episode 16

Franny Drummond of PaintZoo airbrushes Pierre Robert’s newly restored Minerva. Watch as the front and sides of this 1972 Volkswagen microbus are carefully masked off and […]

The Minerva Project Episode 15


Well, good citizens, Minerva in all of her 1972 glory has finally been finished by the techs at CollisionMax and the artists at PaintZoo. Now it’s […]

The Minerva Project Announcement


Hear where it all began. This was the announcement made by Pierre Robert of 93.3 WMMR and Rich Tornetta of CollisionMax on the Preston and Steve […]

The Minerva Project Episode 14

With 2012 drawing to a close and 2013 only a day away, Minerva has finally been completely airbrushed by Fran Drummond of PaintZoo and will now […]

The Minerva Project Episode 13


This is a little good deed we did for the Camden Rescue Mission. We collected toys from all of our employees and drove them down to […]

The Minerva Project Episode 12

Minerva is masked off for seam sealer application. A two-part 3M seam sealer is brushed into crevices and gaps to seal against air leaks and to […]

The Minerva Project Episode 11


So much time and effort has been placed into the repair of Minerva that we wanted to place equal emphasis on the show aspect of this […]

The Minerva Project Episode 10


Up until this point, the engine and “super structure” were only tested out in the 1974 template bus. We used our experience of trial and error […]

The Minerva Project Episode 09

It was a short week with Thanksgiving — we were giving our people well deserved time off to spend with their families. In this video, Rich […]

The Minerva Project Episode 08

Most of the metal work has been completed on many body sections – panels have been replaced, vents have been welded shut, rust has been removed, […]

The Minerva Project Episode 07


We did more work on the 1974 sacrificial VW microbus to build out the suspension and engine mounts that will ultimately make their way into Minerva. […]

The Minerva Project Episode 06

We had to record the introduction at CollisionMax headquarters in Trevose, PA because Hurricane Sandy prevented us from getting into South Jersey. Minerva and The SuperCenter […]

The Minerva Project Episode 05


We at CollisionMax got brand new aftermarket floor pieces to replace the metal on Minerva’s passenger and driver side. The ever so popular hole in the […]

The Minerva Project Episode 04


We bought a 1974 VW mini-bus very similar to Minerva, which is a 1972 Westy. Initially, we figured this would double as a “donor vehicle” from […]

The Minerva Project Episode 03

Minerva is back from media blasting and there is still some work to be done. The blasting work has opened up existing rust holes and increased […]

The Minerva Project Episode 02


Minerva (the 1972 Volkswagen Type 2 (T2) micro-bus Transporter) has been stripped of absolutely everything except for wheels and suspension (she’s now what is called a […]

The Minerva Project Episode 01

So, we really should be getting on with the meat and potatoes of The Minerva Project. The CollisionMax guys in the shop wanted to see if […]

The Minerva Project Introduction

What a long strange trip it’s been! From Pierre’s original Minerva and a run in with the law resulting in its being cubed, to his 20th […]

The Minerva Project Episode 00

The work on Minerva is about to begin so we wanted to take this 1972 VW Camper Bus on one last ride from WMMR through Philly […]