Project Description

With 2012 drawing to a close and 2013 only a day away, Minerva has finally been completely airbrushed by Fran Drummond of PaintZoo and will now be sent back to CollisionMax for final clear coating. No level of detail was spared in the many designs Franny carefully sprayed onto Minerva and, though we can’t reveal any details, we CAN tell you it looks sick! In this video we take you through a brief tour of PaintZoo and show you the various paints by PPG Industries that were used in bringing Minerva’s amazing paint job to life.

After two more layers of clear coat are applied to Minerva by CollisionMax, she will be “rubbed”, which means the body will be scuffed with a super fine wet sandpaper and then buffed to a showroom finish. That takes care of the outward appearance… now all of the guts need to be reinstalled (and, in some cases, installed for the first time).

So far that template work has all been done on the 1974 VW bus so it SHOULD all fit… but you never know with these custom jobs. Minerva will need to get her engine, transmission and suspension put in along with air conditioning components and a custom fuel cell.

The moment of truth will come in a couple weeks when we test drive the old gal for the first time with her new mechanics.