Project Description

Minerva is masked off for seam sealer application. A two-part 3M seam sealer is brushed into crevices and gaps to seal against air leaks and to waterproof sheet metal overlaps
The spray booth temperature is raised to 75 degrees, which is optimal spray temperature.

Time is allotted for both the metal and atmosphere to reach the same temperature.
Minerva’s exterior is wiped down to remove any remaining surface contaminants. The first sprayed coat is a sealer, which forms a uniform barrier between the body and the basecoat.

Once the sealer is flashed off (dry enough to receive additional layers), water-based white paint is sprayed to provide the basecoat. After several layers of basecoat are applied and flashed off, a hardening clearcoat is applied to protect all subsequent layers of paint, sealer and primer.

This 1972 VW microbus is now flatbedded over to Franny Drummond of Paint Zoo for airbrush work.