Project Description

It was a short week with Thanksgiving — we were giving our people well deserved time off to spend with their families. In this video, Rich Tornetta takes you for a brief tour through our customer area and then into the shop. He shows you Minerva’s finished front doors as well as the sliding door — all sanded, painted with a coat of primer and ready for paint.

You’ll see the front bumper has been modified to fit closer to the body – we took an inch and a half out of the center to shorten it, welded the three bumper sections into each other to create one piece and grinded down the carriage bolts. All of this will create a clean, sleek and tighter look to the overall appearance and stance.

The area behind the rear quarter panel has been repaired and cleaned out — this allowed us to finally weld the new piece permanently in place. We did a window delete in the rear — we covered over the rear windows with sheet metal to provide a larger canvas for the airbrush work — this area will now be a smooth panel. Lastly, you’ll see our guys prepping Minerva’s roof where the pop top canopy used to sit… we have something special in mind for the remaining 3ft x 4ft hole.