Project Description

Most of the metal work has been completed on many body sections – panels have been replaced, vents have been welded shut, rust has been removed, aftermarket parts have been gently coaxed with a hammer into place. Now it’s time for a smooth coat of polyester filler… which is just a fancy way of saying “we’re gonna put that Bondo stuff back on Minerva”. Wasn’t that body filler a bad thing, you might ask? Well, when it’s as thick as a Snickers bar, absolutely.

We’re applying the filler the way it’s meant to be used… and that is: a very thin skim coat (only about a sixteenth of an inch at most) to even out the surface imperfections that come with aftermarket, or modified, parts. We’re using only the best stuff for Minerva — it’s called “Rage Xtreme Premium Auto Body Filler”. A majority of this stuff — about 85-90% – will end up on the ground because most of it is scraped off with a rasp and sanded off with a block sander.

These are all the techniques used by custom shops around the world to produce show cars with a glassy mirror-like finish and an ultra smooth canvas for airbrush work. Minerva is starting to look like a microbus again… we’re seeing the beginnings of that light shining from the end of our long dark tunnel.