Project Description

We at CollisionMax got brand new aftermarket floor pieces to replace the metal on Minerva’s passenger and driver side. The ever so popular hole in the driver side floor is going away forever (no more Flintstones-mobile). This requires us to draw an outline of the new part on the existing floor and then remove that section of sheet metal. There are pieces of the frame just below the floor’s thin metal, so we had to be very careful with depth while cutting.

We are also replacing both rear quarter panels with new parts from The Bus Depot in Perkiomenville, PA since both of the original pieces were damaged and improperly fixed (they were in such bad shape, they lost their impact absorbing qualities required in a collision). In this video, you’ll see we could only hold the new quarter panel up for fitment since there’s so much more metal patch work and reinforcement needed behind that panel before permanently welding it in place

We demonstrate a small example of metal patching in the video:
* the old metal is cut out
* the surface is cleaned up
* a new piece of sheet metal is measured and cut to size
* the new piece is then tack welded in place so as to not produce excessive heat (which warps metal)
* the technician then grinds down the welds to create a nice and smooth uniform surface

The next steps will be to repair and replace all the less visible (but no less important) hidden structural sections below the surface, which takes hours and hours of cutting, measuring, welding, cleaning and protecting.