Project Description

Mr. Myers said that, when he bought his truck used in 2005, it was his baby… but with its accumulating damage and 170,000 miles, to him, it started becoming just a truck. He said he’s so excited that it’s going to be reconditioned and that words cannot describe what it’s like for him. Although he has collision insurance for the vehicle, he and his wife are retired it’s been difficult to come up with the deductible.

His truck primarily had collision damage to the left front and left side from being sideswiped by a bad driver. CollisionMax will be replacing the entire door and front fender on the driver’s side. It doesn’t stop there though. They’ll be fixing all the assorted dings, dents and scratches on the remainder of the truck. The bumper had some pretty bad wear and tear so they’re gonna get him a new one of those too. Kurt mentioned that his check engine light was on and his alignment was off, so they’ll scan the light, fix the issue and clear the light along with doing a 4 wheel alignment.

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