Project Description

We’re at our last week for the CollisionMax of Cinnaminson’s Metal of Honor Project. Kurt Myers is getting back a shinier version of his newly repaired 2003 Dodge Dakota. All but the roof was painted on this 10 year old silver pickup truck. Rust was a known issue with this year, make and model, so the guys at CollisionMax knew where to look for common problem areas. All in all, Kurt received a replacement rear bumper, driver side front and driver side rear doors along with lots of corrosion protection to preserve the metal for another 10 years.

Kurt was quoted as saying that he never won anything this big before and that words could not describe what this means to him and his family. Rich Tornetta from CollisionMax told us that he and his team have a favorite part of this process… and it’s the reveal. The vehicle looks beautiful and the veteran sees it for the first time in better condition than they could have imagined. Seeing their reaction makes this whole project that much more worth it.

Follow The Metal of Honor Project here and at – pictures, video and more, as each veteran is selected and their vehicle repaired.