Project Description

It turns out that Mr. Sullivan’s 2000 Dodge Caravan will require repair on all panels in some form or another. Therefore, CollisionMax will do what is called a “full dip”, which essentially means that all panels will be repaired and repainted. First, all of the moldings, trim panels, gaskets and glass are carefully removed and labeled for reinstallation later on.

The body panels with dents are brought back as close to original position as possible. The rest of the area is treated with a skim coat of premium polyester body filler much like was done on Minerva (but much less will be needed). Once the body is in original manufacturer’s condition, we prep and prime the surface before spraying a basecoat and then a clear coat. The finish is then polished to a shine and all removed pieces are reinstalled. An estimated 33 man hours will go into Mr. Sullivan’s repair.


– Right Mirror Assembly
– All Dodge and Grand Caravan Nameplates

– Front and Rear Bumper Covers
– Hood
– Left and Right Fenders
– Left and Right Outer Panels
– Rear Lift Gate
– All Four Hubcaps

Follow The Metal of Honor Project here and at – pictures, video and more, as each veteran is selected and their vehicle repaired.