Project Description

Jerry McMullin is having his 2002 Chevy Silverado repaired for free by CollisionMax of Oxford Valley. There were not many miles on the truck when CollisionMax took on the job, which means the body is in relatively good shape for an 11 year old vehicle. Common areas of rust for that model and year are over the wheel wells on the rear bed.

Thankfully, the automotive aftermarket provides metal patch pieces in the shape of the rusted area, so it’s just a matter of cutting out the old and grafting in the new. In addition to replacing the rear flanks, CollisionMax is also going to get Jerry a brand new front grill as well as replace the plastic trim caps that sit on top of the chrome bumpers and along the tops of the bed rails.

Videos of all the winners, along with nomination information, can be found at Tune in next week when CollisionMax returns Jerry McMullin’s truck all shiny and new.

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