Is it Painless or Paintless Dent Removal?

Actually, it’s both 🙂  In essence, removing dents (sometimes called dings) without the need for traditional repair methods. Since there is no need for painting, less money will need to come out of your pocket. The main reasons for this are the time and materials that are saved from having to grind, fill, sand, prep and paint a car or truck body panel. It’s much faster and far less expensive.

Paintless Dent Repairs for PA and NJ - Philadelphia and South Jersey

Paintless Dent Repairs (PDR) employ the skilled hands of trained techs that use specialty tools to work out or “massage” the damage from the inside of the metal panel. This is considered an art form by some since it requires a certain ‘feel’ to gradually move the metal back into place in successive stages. CollisionMax uses this technique wherever possible in its PA and NJ auto body shops to lower the cost to the customer and/or the insurance company.

So, you may be wondering how this is all physically possible. After all, isn’t the paint a uniform, hard and delicate sheet of pigment? Sort of… but not really. PDR works because contemporary automotive paints are flexible and strong at the same time. They can bond securely to a surface and move with it in the event an outward force is applied. Additionally, metal parts tend to have a “memory” of their original molded shapes when they were formed at the factory. So, when the technician applies the correct amount of focused pressure in the right spots, the dent eventually pops out of the metal panel with the original paint still intact.

It is important to note that PDR-able dents or dings are those far enough away from the panel edges where the paint hasn’t been damaged. This means each situation is different and needs the eyes of a professional to determine whether or not the damage can be fixed with this procedure. If you have an immediate need and live in the Philadelphia or South Jersey area, schedule a free estimate appointment online. In the end, Paintless Dent Repairs save money both in time and money for labor/materials.