back up

Hindsight Isn’t Always 20/20

For many working parents large cars are a necessity. And many people choose bigger vehicles because they think they would be safer in case of an auto body collision. However, these vehicles have poor rear visibility and a large blind spot (the space behind your car you can’t see in your mirrors), which can make it easy to back into another car, an object or even a person.

According to Kids and Cars, at least 72 children died nationwide after being struck by a backing-up vehicle last year, up from at least 58 such deaths in 2002. A study by Consumer Reports showed that a driver in a Honda Accord who’s 5 feet 8 inches tall cannot see a 28-inch traffic cone behind the car when it’s within 12 feet. But the same driver in a Chevy Avalanche can’t see the same cone within 30 feet.

Here are some tips vehicle safety tips to help you back up your vehicle safely:

• Adjust your rear- and side-view mirrors to minimize your vehicle’s blind spot.

• Adjust your seat, pedals and steering column so that you are sitting as high and comfortable as possible. Shorter drivers have larger blind spots, so raising yourself up might help decrease the size of your vehicle’s blind spot.

• Make sure you know where your children are when you are backing up.

• Consider rolling your windows down when you are backing up so that you could hear if a child is behind you.

• Back up slowly. When in doubt, get out and look. Walk around the vehicle prior to backing up, if necessary.

Although we specialize in auto body damage and other collision related services, child injuries caused by backing up automobiles are a serious matter and we urge everyone to remember these tips when backing up.