Do I have to get two estimates for the insurance company?

No. Many people are under a misguided impression that multiple auto body estimates are required. This is an outdated practice that is no longer necessary. There is no law that says you have to get more than one estimate.

CollisionMax is proud to be designated as a preferred collision repair provider for over 40 leading insurance companies. This is due to our quality and reliable service levels and means your insurance company will accept our estimate, making it the only one you’ll need.

Free estimates for auto body damage and repair

Estimating Methods

These days computers are as common as Burger King and their presence in a body shop should be no different. Most auto body shops in PA and NJ use a computerized estimating software that increases accuracy of repair times and cost. If the body shop you choose uses the traditional estimating methods, it may be cause for concern. It will not share the uniformity of information across the industry such as a computer program could and is more likely to hold bias toward parts, suppliers, time and cost.

Some shop owners have actually gone to jail for insurance fraud, theft by deception and conspiracy. Rosario Tedesco in Northeast Philadelphia was caught increasing damage to vehicles that had been towed to his shop. His business was removing parts from one vehicle to use on another and improperly repairing cars or not repairing them at all (according to the D.A.’s Office). One can never be too careful when selecting the right auto body shop to repair their vehicle.