A picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words, which explains why traffic signs are such powerful ways of communicating important messages about the roads we drive on. It’s all about keeping us from auto body collisions and from careening off the road and into a ditch or over the side of a cliff.

There’s an elaborate system of traffic signage in North America, with different shapes, sizes and colors themselves having a general meaning you’re supposed to understand even before you read them. The faster you recognize what those symbols mean, the safer or more efficiently you’ll be able to drive. We here at CollisionMax have came up with this quick driver safety test. If you get all the answers right, you’re ahead of the game.

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1. This sign means:

A. Yield

B. Biohazard on board

C. Construction zone ahead

D. Slow-moving vehicle

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2. A rectangular sign like this with green lettering is used to indicate:

A. A nearby hospital

B. Parking permitted with restrictions

C. School area

D. Recreation area nearby

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3. With words in black lettering, this sign indicates:

A. Sharp right turn ahead

B. Exit to the right

C. No passing zone

D. Slippery when wet

9-4-2012 12-29-30 PM

4.This sign means:

A. Next exit 44 miles ahead

B. You’ve traveled 44 miles

C. You’re 44 miles from the end or beginning of the road

D. The speed limit is 44 miles per hour

9-4-2012 12-30-23 PM

5. This sign is telling you that:

A. Your lane is only for high-occupancy vehicles

B. In this lane, cars must yield to buses

C. In the lane you’re in, buses must yield to cars

D. In your lane, only two cars can be in front of a bus

9-4-2012 12-31-21 PM

6. This sign means that:

A. Mountains are ahead

B. A speed bump is ahead

C. A disabled vehicle is ahead

D. A public recreation area is ahead


Answers: 1-D, 2-B, 3-C, 4-C, 5-A, 6-D