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The summer heat and a faulty air conditioner aren’t the only thing that can steam you up on the road. So can the other drivers! At one time, haven’t we all lost our cool behind the wheel when someone has done us a roadway injustice? Like cutting us off, going too slow ahead of us in the left-hand lane, passing on the right or tailgating at high speed?

Everybody knows about the “Aggressive Driver” – but we all think it’s somebody else. Yet, even among the meekest of us on the road can be tempted to retaliate, to “get even” or “teach that guy a lesson.” The danger is that, in taking counter-action you become that “Other Guy,” that aggressive driver who uses his or her car like a weapon, and quite often gets into an auto body accident – as a result.

It’s a good idea, then, to prepare yourself to keep cool when confronted with aggressive drivers, especially when summer vacations mean more people are driving more miles. But what can you do?

It’s Mostly All in Your Head

The great philosopher Yogi Berra once said, “Ninety percent of baseball is half mental.” The same can be said about coping with those “other guys” on the road. Even after cars are outfitted with remote destruct buttons, the best weapon you have to use against the aggressive driver is what’s between your ears – your attitude.

Make “Safe Arrival” Your Mantra

Unless you’re a race-car driver, the only real reason to be on the road is to get from point A to point B safe and sound. Make this your highest priority, and consciously remind yourself of it whenever you get behind the wheel. Then, when you encounter that jerk-a-holic on the road, recite a reminder, over and over, about what’s really important. It takes practice, but you can literally talk yourself out of anger.

Expect to Encounter Bad Drivers – Don’t Be Surprised

At the heart of the practice of defensive driving is constantly imagining what can go wrong even in the safest seeming roadway circumstances, and being prepared to take the best action to avoid an auto accident – before it has a chance of happening. If you get in your car expecting that someone somewhere will pull a bone-head maneuver, you can better prepare yourself from exploding in anger.

Yield and Create Space

The number one driving tactic in responding to aggressive drivers is to yield and create as much distance as you can from them. If he’s tailgating you, slow down and pull to the right – even if it means going to the shoulder of the road. If she’s cut you off, ease off the accelerator and let them motor on.

Auto Accidents involvoing aggresive drivers are some times unavoidable however, if you follow these tips that we at CollisionMax have provided you, you may be able to avoid the harm that these drivers cause to themselves and others.