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Paintless Dent Repair
for Philly and South Jersey

Save money with Paintless Dent Repair!
Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is a faster and less expensive way to remove dings and dents than traditional repair methods that employ body filler, sanding and painting.  Instead, highly trained technicians use special tools to “massage” out the damage from the inside of the metal panel in successive stages until the dent virtually disappears.

PDR takes advantage of the flexibility and strength of contemporary automotive paints and the fact that metal parts, to a certain extent, have a “memory” of their molded shapes. As a result, when the technician applies precisely the right amount of pressure in the right places, the dent eventually “pops” out of the metal panel with the original paint intact.

Dents that lend themselves to PDR are those where the original paint isn’t damaged, or away from the edges of panels, so PDR can’t be used in every case. But the savings can be significant, both in time and money for labor and materials. That’s why at CollisionMax, we’ll recommend it whenever possible.