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CollisionMax has gone GREEN!

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It’s been a long time coming for sure as CollisionMax spent a good five solid years converting its systems and procedures over to an environmentally friendly operation. This was not a legislated or required decision but a genuine concern for the company’s effect on nature and the local communities. The expense was significant, but their continued toll on the ecosystem would have been much greater.

Health = good
Recession = bad

Eco Friendly CollisionMax auto body shop recyclesFor decades, auto body shops in Philadelphia, PA and South Jersey have struggled to balance their fixed and variable costs with the incoming business. The current state of the economy makes surviving that much harder. This leads to a tightening of the proverbial belt and a halt on “unnecessary upgrades” in order to stay in business. CollisionMax was not immune to these hardships but was still able to implement a green plan for all 11 of its auto body shops throughout PA and NJ.

Solvent-based paints

The auto body industry has come a long way since the 1920s. Lacquer-based auto paint was cheap and left a high gloss but would chip easily and react poorly to UV light. Enamel would dry harder than the softer lacquer paints but would not “lay down” as easy; plus, it required high temperature heated bays (ovens). Urethane paints lay down like lacquer and have the hard shell properties of enamel but are more expensive and use more toxic chemicals (requiring complete body covers and an efficient respirator). No matter how you slice it, high levels of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) were and are always a concern.

Paint borne of water (Waterborne Paints from PPG)!

In 2012, CollisionMax will have completed its migration to PPG’s Envirobase® HP and Aquabase® Plus lines of automotive refinishing paints. The main reason for this changeover was that this 11 shop organization wanted to lower its VOC emissions and improve air quality for its workers and our environment. These high grade waterborne paints make it easier to control air quality in a body shop and even the entire facility. Old skool body shops fought with harsh odors creeping throughout the building and even the customer waiting areas. These issues will be a thing of the past for CollisionMax shops.


The removal of solvents isn’t the only way CollisionMax is improving air quality; in 2010, they went 100% smoke-free. This means all traces of smoke were removed from its 11 shops INCLUDING the repair bays. Designated areas for smoking were provided outside and, to help its employees, the company provided assistance to employees who wanted to quit smoking.

Please recycle

No green effort would be complete without the responsible choice to recycle and reuse waste materials that are produced daily from a busy auto body shop. Of course CollisionMax did more recycling than reusing but its goal for an environmentally friendly operation has certainly been realized.

In 2010 CollisionMax recycled:

  • 140+ tons of scrap metal
  • 1,100 gallons of antifreeze
  • 994 gallons of used motor oil
  • 831 gallons of paint solvent
  • 1,080 tons of cardboard
  • 902 tires

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